COFEM is a non-profit organization aimed at creating opportunities for Latino Immigrants in North America, with a special focus in California. COFEM was established by a league of organizations comprised of people who share ideas and participate in efforts to improve educational, health, social, and political conditions for Latino immigrants in North America.

The leadership of COFEM has defined specific themes, priorities, and needs of greatest impact and interest to the Latino immigrant community, including:


COFEM's educational programs are intended to increase educational opportunities for children and adults in the Latino immigrant community. A critical aspect of children's academic success is parent involvement. In recognition of this, COFEM's educational programs target the high drop-out rate of Latino students by involving parents in the educational process. COFEM also promotes early childhood education programs and initiatives.


COFEM's health initiatives focus on wellness and disease prevention. The objective of these programs is to foster a culture of health and wellness and, at the same time, address the economic, educational, linguistic, and cultural barriers that affect the distribution of health services.

Civic Participation

COFEM's civic participation programs are aimed at strengthening the Latino community's role in the political process and assuring that the Latino immigrant's voice is included in decision-making forums at state and federal levels in both the United States and Mexico.

Bi-national Economic Development

COFEM's bi-national economic development programs provide immigrants with the necessary tools to work and prosper within the context of America's complex financial and banking system. The bi-national economic programs also assist COFEM's member organizations with technical assistance to facilitate economic development projects in Mexico.

Organizational Development

COFEM's organizational development programs are aimed at strengthening COFEM's internal organizational structure, processes, and overall functioning. This emphasis on organizational development ensures a vibrant, resilient, and enduring organization, which in turn places COFEM in a powerful position to assist the Latino community through current and future service offerings. Moreover, as COFEM embraces additional Clubs and Mexican Federations, COFEM can play an even stronger role and wield more significant political influence on behalf of the Latino community.
Our Mission

The mission of the Council of Mexican Federations in North America (COFEM) is to empower immigrant communities to be full participants in the social, political, economic, and cultural life of the United States and their home country. We accomplish this work by uniting, strengthening, and expanding our member organizations to better advocate, preserve and share their cultural traditions and help improve the lives of families and friends in their country of origin.

Executive Director
Strategic Focus

The union of organizations in COFEM has contributed to the development of a bi-national agenda that addresses critical matters facing Latino immigrants in the United States and Mexico. Through an extensive planning process, COFEM has defined specific themes, priorities, and needs of greatest impact and interest to the Latino immigrant community in California.


As a result of this planning process, COFEM has identified a strategic focus in five main areas: education, health, civic participation, bi-national economic development, and organizational development.

Our Vision
Immigration Rally

We envision a fair and inclusive America where immigrant communities have a voice, access to the Citizenship process and the ability to preserve their cultural identity.