The Anahuak Youth Sports Association was founded in 1994 in Northeast Los Angeles and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2000, after it attained affiliation with CalSouth, affiliated to the US Soccer Federation. 


Currently, Anahuak offers a structured soccer league for 2,000 girls and boys ages 5 to 17 at several parks and schools in Los Angeles. Parents, volunteers, and coaches oversee practices and games.  In addition, qualified volunteers offer tutoring one day a week for players.


It is Anahuak mission to inspire youth to continue their education through scholarship fundraisers and college visits.  Anahuak was created to serve as an alternative to drugs, gangs, and crime, using soccer as a hook to keep children off of the streets, children whose families can’t afford to pay for league fees and equipment.  Anahuak serves as a leader in mobilizing its members, particularly around environmental and health issues that affect the community.


In 2002, Anahuak received the Los Angeles River Award for their instrumental organization in advocating for the development of a state park in an abandoned railroad site in Cypress Park, now known as Rio de Los Angeles State Park. This represents a significant victory for environmental justice and recreational opportunities.  Lastly, the synthetic recreational field was named “Raul Macias” in honor to his continuous efforts to ensure that children and youth have spaces in which they can practice sports. 


Anahuak is involved in high performance sports such as the Coast League Tournament as they compete with over 500 teams statewide. Senior teams, where the best players are chosen to be part of the Olympic Program in USA, have access to athletic scholarships. Anahuak has 6 teams in the tournament; five masculine and five feminine.


Board of Directors


Founder and President

Raul Macias


Vice President

Alberto Roman Navarrete


General Coordinator

Paco Serrano



Dyana Molina



Elvira Castro


Field Deputy

Miguel Mota


Division Director

Juan Coronado

Member Benefits
  1. Opportunity for children and youth to participate in a soccer league for free

  2. Opportunity for academic tutoring and college preparation

  3. Opportunity for families to build a social network of support

  4. Opportunity for community activism to improve the health and well-being of children and families


Special Events

  • Copa Anahuak (October)

  • Major Tournament (April-July)


Raul Macias:

Phone: 323.864.0312

Cell Phone: 323.427.8757


Paco Serrano:

Phone: 323.257.0561

Cell Phone: 323.590.7897





5317 N Figueroa St. #1

Los Angeles, CA 90042