Census 2020, Everyone Counts!

For close to fifteen years, COFEM has been committed to empowering the Latino community. Today, COFEM is proud to be part of various organizations that work to ensure our families participate in the 2020 Census. Join our campaign to ensure our communities participate because in the 2020 Census, We All Count!

Click here and fill out the Census today. Everyone counts on you!

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It's not too late! You can still complete the Census today

Four things to know:

Due to COVID-19, the deadline to complete your Census form has been extended! 

1. Filling out the Census is easy

The Census can be completed online after you receive a postcard from the U.S. Census Bureau.  You can also complete the census by mail or phone. Call 1-800-923-8282 for assistance.

2. Our Communities have a lot to gain

Participating in the Census means more resources for our communities; more schools, hospitals, more programs, better roads, and representation in Congress.

3. It is safe and confidential

Personal information collected will NOT be shared with other government agencies.  The Census will be used to gather data, for statistical purposes and to distribute funding in our communities. 

4. Everyone counts!

Remember, everyone counts! In the past, people of color, immigrants and children have been among those most likely to not be counted. It’s important for everyone living in the U.S. to be counted – citizens and non-citizens.

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Fill out the Census today!

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