The goal of these programs is to strengthen the community and their participation in the various political processes and to ensure that the immigrant community has a voice in decision-making at the state and federal levels in the United States and Mexico.


Immigration Advocacy


We focus mainly on community involvement in local, state and federal elections. We know that the only way to change things is through voting, so we do campaigns to get people out of their homes and vote.

Support for Reform

This area is one of the most important due to the sluggish process that currently exists in the immigration system. In the past 35 years, immigration policies haven’t changed, resulting in millions of immigrants without legal immigration status. Part of the program includes massive manifestations, petitions, and legislative visits.



Opportunities to Vote


This issue was the main trigger of our organization. COFEM has worked tirelessly for years to make the process of voting outside Mexico easier and more practical. COFEM’s leadership never desisted and recently has consolidated foreign credentialing. Currently, we continue working to promote and educate the community to defend our rights.

Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals (DACA)


The executive order, signed by President Barack Obama on June 15, 2012, gives young people who qualify for DACA the opportunity to get a work permit, Social Security and driver's license. COFEM has worked hard to inform and assist young people who are eligible to apply for DACA. The organization has conducted a series of free clinics, especially in southeast Los Angeles. In these clinics, applicants have the opportunity to meet with trained volunteers who help them with the application and evidentiary materials. COFEM also provides the opportunity for applicants to meet with attorneys in order for them to ask questions in specific cases.

Citizen Workshops


In these free events, COFEM assists the community by helping them fill out the N-400 form, in order to enable them to achieve citizenship and thus be able to exercise their benefits and responsibilities such as the right to vote and be voted.


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Information on Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants (AB 60)


We are the leaders in this area, by organizing these popular assemblies in which we inform and educate the community regarding the implementation of AB-60, which provides a driver's license to the undocumented community. This program is managed in partnership with other organizations such as the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


What do I need to get my AB60 driver license?


  • Make an appointment or visit a DMV office

  • Fill the DL-44 application form

  • Pay the $33 fee

  • Prove your identity and residence

  • Take the traffic rules exam (the written exam)

  • Take the eye exam

  • Provide your fingerprints

  • Let the DMV take your photo

  • Show Proof of your car insurance

  • Take the driving exam (behinde the wheel exam)



Helpful Resources
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  3. Department of Motors and Vehicles of California (DMV)
  4. Lista de Registros Civiles en Mexico
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