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Francisco Moreno

Executive Director

Mr. Moreno is originally from Michoacán and has resided in Los Angeles for 36 years. He studied law at the University of Guadalajara and television production in Mexico City. Mr. Moreno has 22 years as a community leader, he was president of Los Reyes Mich Social Club, President of the Federation "Lázaro Cárdenas del Rio." Founder of the Federation of Clubs and Associations of Michoacanos in North America (FECADEMIN). President and co-founder of the Council of Mexican Federations in North America (COFEM), Founder of MIMEX (Mexican Migrants Abroad) in 2005, a Binational Political Coalition of Leaders of Mexican Organizations.  He is also an activist for Immigration Reform, and for increasing the vote of Mexicans abroad.  Mr. Moreno was counselor of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME), professional in the media as opinion leader and expert on migrant matters, accredited by the Department of Justice and Immigration and heads the Immigrant Integration team with the Naturalization Program. Mr. Moreno was elected as Int. Executive Director on July 25, 2020.

Liliana Camacho

Director of Development & Administration

Liliana Camacho Guzmán serves as the Director of Development and Administration of COFEM. She focuses on the COFEM's development program and oversees the administrative, finances, and human resources activities. She identifies herself as a DACA recipient who aims to help her underserved community by supporting in the execution of COFEM’s mission and goals. Liliana graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science & Policy, and a minor in Economics. Liliana was born in Acapulco, Guerrero, where she developed her love for the ocean and tropical paradise.


Liliana enjoys exploring our public lands, especially secluded designated wilderness areas in the southwest. 

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Leticia Zarazua

Program Manager

Immigrant Integration

Leticia Zarazúa Alvarado is currently the Program Coordinator for the Immigration Integration Program at COFEM. Leticia works to empower individuals socially, politically, economically and culturally.  She maintains the Department of Justice (DOJ) accreditation and continues obtaining trainings to provide legal services. Her focus has been the DACA and citizenship program.  She holds a bachelor’s in Child Development and Family Studies as well as in Family Life Education from the California State University, Long Beach. As a DACA beneficiary, Leticia identifies with the challenges the immigrant community faces and continues to advocate for an immigration reform and to advance her community through her service and high involvement with her community. Her passion and enthusiasm are reflected in her work and leadership to advocate for immigrant rights.

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Ianai Molina

Program Assistant

Immigrant Integration

Ianai Molina joined COFEM in March 2017 after being a continuous volunteer with the organization for four years. She is a Program Assistant in the Immigration Integration. Mrs. Molina is DOJ accredited, which allows her to help the eligible community to renew their LPR ID, apply for American citizenship, and DACA renewals. She continues to participate in trainings to expand her knowledge in immigration practices. Mrs. Molina attended Glendale Community college and is now seeking a Paralegal Certificate at Pasadena Community College.  She is married and has a 2-year old daughter.

Rafael Fabian, D.V.M.

Program Assistant

Immigrant Integration

Rafael Fabian joined COFEM on August 2017 as Community Organizer and later as Program Assistant for the Immigration Integration program where he supports the team by provided information related to Citizenship requirements and eligibility, he also assists during citizenship workshops and outreach events.  Before joining COFEM, Mr. Fabian worked at the Mexican Consulate from 2013 to 2017 as a representative of S.E.P providing information on public Education in USA, Health services, Finances, Immigrant rights, Income tax and Consulate services.  
Mr. Fabian was born in Michoacán, Mexico where he graduated from U.M.S.N.H., School of Veterinarian Medicine and Zootechnics in 1990; he worked for Department of Public Health in Michoacán until 1991. He then emigrated to U.S., in 1992, where he has been recipient of many recognitions as English learner’s rights advocate in various school districts through So CA. He is the cofounder of the California Association for Bilingual Education Chapter 40, and T.A.K.E. N.O.T.E. Institute consultant services for parenting education.
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Vanessa Moreno

Coachella Programs Manager  
Coachella Valley Office

Vanessa Moreno is the Programs Manager in the Coachella office after joining the COFEM team in September 2017. She was born in Michoacán, México but migrated to the United States with her family at the age of eight. She has lived in the Coachella Valley for over seventeen years where she attended College of the Desert. She later transferred to California State University, Fullerton where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a concentration in Social Inequalities and a Minor in Human Services. Ms. Moreno's background and experiences have made her passionate about the immigrant rights movement and have helped her better serve undocumented communities. She currently oversees the immigration, higher education, and conservation programs focused on supporting and empowering immigrant communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, getting involved in her community, and spending time with her family and friends.

Jacqueline Cruz

Operations and Administration Coordinator

Administration Program

Jacqueline Cruz joined COFEM in 2021 as the Operations and Administration Coordinator. She works side by side with the Executive Director to ensure administrative procedures and office management responsibilities are performed effectively. Jacqueline is a proud daughter of Mexican immigrant parents. Being a first-generation college student, Jacqueline has earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She received her Master's degree in Public Administration from California State University, Long Beach in May 2021. Jacqueline enjoys spending time with her family and traveling on her motorcycle.


Janelle Vidal

Field Organizer

Community Networks

Janelle Vidal is the Field Organizer for COFEM and joined the team in 2021. With a passion for environmental justice and advocacy, Janelle works to engage with community members and ensure accessibility to nature through environmental programs, outreach, and education. She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Environmental Systems and Society. In her spare time, Ms. Vidal enjoys cooking, reading memoirs and fiction books, hiking, and exploring new coffee shops.

Oscar Cisco

Program Coordinator

Community Networks

Oscar Cisco, a true believer and a product of the American Dream, is the son of immigrant parents from El Salvador. The Los Angeles native earned his Political Science B.S. at Northern Arizona University in 2019 and joined the COFEM staff in 2020 as a Field Organizer for the Immigration Integration team. He assists the COFEM team in various different projects and programs from Immigration to Environmental advocacy. As a community leader with a passion for music, he is the Worship Director at, Ministerios Manantial de Amor, where he leads and teaches music to the youth. Oscar spends his down time surfing, running, and playing music.


Sendy Barrows

Conservation Program Assistant

Coachella Valley Office

Sendy Barrows joined the Council of Mexican Federations in North America (COFEM) Coachella office as the Conservation Program Assistant in 2021.  She is helping lead the expansion of the Conservation Program in the desert by overseeing land conservation advocacy efforts and creating and implementing educational and recreational opportunities for the community.


Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, Sendy grew up in the sunny Coachella Valley. Her work has always centered around the land, from real estate to operations management, to leading acquisition efforts working with local, state, and federal agencies resulting in the protection of 5,200 acres of conservation land in the Coachella Valley. She is a passionate advocate for land conservation, diversity & inclusion in the outdoors. Sendy is a certified California Naturalist and UC Climate Steward, holds a Professional Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Fundamentals from UC Riverside, and serves on the board of CactusToClouds Institute.


In her spare time, Sendy enjoys discovering new foods and craft beer and spending time in nature while backpacking, botanizing, and doing other outdoor activities with her husband.