The Federation of Colima Clubs (FEDECOL) has worked continuously on projects that benefit Colimenses in both the US and in Colima, Mexico. The US Federation focuses on education, health, and civic participation.  Through these focus areas, the Federation informs its members and motivates them to get involved in the community to ensure changes that positively impact Latinos.


In Colima, the Federation promotes the development of social and entrepreneurial projects through the 3-to-1 program. Currently, they have built rehabilitation homes for handicapped people, fields for multiple uses, hydraulic projects, sports fields, and added pavements for streets among other projects.  As a result of their ongoing commitment, the Federation of Clubs and the Colima State Government installed Casa Colima in the City of Lynwood, CA.


Member Benefits
  1. Support Clubs to ensure they organize and grow stronger


Special Events


  • Annual Colimense Leaders and Club Reunion

  • Colimense Festival

Board of Directors



Gonzalo Farias


Vice President

Olivia Garcia



Luis Buenrostro



Maria Alcaraz



Julio Cesar Mendoza



Ruben Gomez


Gonzalo Farias: