The Duranguense USA Federation was legally established 8 years ago, it is a non-profit organization that aims to support people of Durangense origin. The federation helps bring Durangenses closer to their home communities and allows them the opportunity to work with the Mexican government social programs, such as the “3x1”, and other productive programs.


The federation also offers informational workshops for young entrepreneurs in business. In these workshops members are inform that they have the opportunity to study at the Community Plaza Casa Durango. The plaza offers many classes, including: literacy, grade school, middle-school, English, computer science, mathematics and general education development such as careers via the internet with SEP. Similarly, the federation promotes sports and cultural events such as the Charreadas.


Every year the federation celebrates Miss Durango USA and it also established a school of “charreria” for children so that they can continue with the Mexican traditions. The federation has also received recognition for their hard work and numerous improvements in several towns.


Member Benefits
  1. Participation in events that generate resources for clubs


Special Events


  • Annual Congress

  • Graduations

  • Villista Horserides

  • Miss Durango Pageant

Carlos Martinez

Phone: 310.537.9338

Cell Phone: 323.582.0615


Board of Directors



Samuel F. Magaña 


General Secretary

Carlos Martinez


Secretary of Education

Nilsa Dipp


Secretary of Events

Emma Martinez

Jesus Castañeda


Secretary of Tradition & Culture

Fernando Moran

Juan Ruiz


Secretary of Projects & Sports

Bernave Celis


Secretary of Public Relations

Elizabeth Jabaz


Secretary of Organization Membership

Alonso Valdez


Secretary of Señorita Durango Pageant

Jasmine Lopez


Coordinator of Outreach & Media

Azucena Torres


Business Coordinator

Carlos Jaziel Martinez



Leonardo Lopez