The Guanajuatenses Federation has a variety of ongoing projects throughout the state of Guanajuato. Clubs and organizations belonging to the Federation of Guanajuatenses participate in productive community projects, some still in the planning and development stage while others, already implemented at different levels in the state of Guanajuato.


The goal is to improve infrastructure, education, community, business and health via the “3x1” program. Through a collaboration with SEDESOL , The Migrant Fund; the State Institute of Culture, fairs, and different consulates of Mexico. In the United States, the federation creates bridges of communication and understanding amongst elected officials of both the United States and the state of Guanajuato. For example, the coordination and planning of the first annual event “Dia Guanajuatense” in November, 2013 will count with the collaboration of different clubs, community organizations, and private companies in order to bring information that ranges from community service, education, to health and entertainment not only for Guanajuatenses, but also for the general public. This is done with the objective to create community and enhance binational ties.


Member Benefits
  1. Access to Scholarships

  2. Retreats for youth who seek to be community leaders

  3. Financial Education

  4. A source of information of Guanajuato

  5. Information for investment in business and projects in Guanajuato

  6. Steps needed to create your local club

  7. Access to Mexican Consulate and various other State and Federal organizations on both sides of the border

  8. Assistance in obtaining grants for community for community projects

  9. Access to other clubs in your areas or other clubs/organizations for Latinos

  10. Access to the three-to-one program

  11. A voice in Mexico and the U.S.

  12. Free birth certificates for all Guanajuatenses


Special Events


  • The Annual Guanajuatenses Conference

  • The Guanajuato Gala

Board of Directors



Regina Vega


Vice President

Jose Carmen Tinoco



Adolfo Sierra



Jesus Gonzalez

Jose Carmen Tinoco

Phone: 562.215.3144





1930 Whilshire Blvd.

Suite 805

Los Angeles, CA. 90057