The goal of these programs is to train health and environmental leaders of tomorrow, to help foster a culture of prevention of health problems; while the educational, economic, language and cultural barriers that impact the distribution of health services are addressed.


COFEM advocates, with various coalitions, to seek more opportunities that provide better health services to benefit immigrants. At this time we are advocating for a health insurance for everyone in California.


It is a campaign in which COFEM has taken a very important role by increasing the leadership capacity among immigrant leaders, so they can promote the community involvement in promoting issues of interest as the protection of San Gabriel Mountains. We want the San Gabriel Mountains to be a National Recreation Area.

Health 4 All Kids 

With the extended Medi-Cal, undocumented children will now have access to more preventative services like annual checkups, vaccines, regular doctor visits, and dental and vision care. These services were previously unavailable to undocumented children.  COFEM is not only informing the community, but also helping them with the enrollment process by referring them to certified agencies that can assist them.