The Federation of Hidalguenses in California is a nonprofit organization that brings together Hometown Associations from Hidalgo. After being founded in 2004, its aim has been to provide support, protection, advice and assistance to issues faced by Hidalguenses in California and other regions in the Unites States.


The Federation envisions that members of Hidalgo and the community can find allies that will help achieve the goals and projects of the Federation, and can participate as a positive organization for the benefit of the Hispanic culture. The Federation projects in the U.S. focus on education and health and in Mexico on 3-to-1 projects. In California, the Federation provides scholarships to students from Hidalgo attending a U.S. university. In the area of  health, the Federation focuses on providing support to members to ensure they are benefited by state health programs.


In the State of Hidalgo the federation has conducted over 200 3-to-1 projects that have benefited largely their communities of origin. Their 3-to-1 projects varies from the paving of streets, to the development of senior homes, a community computer center, small stores, and centers for rehabilitation and care of children with disabilities.

Member Benefits
  1. Training of Hometown Associations from Hidalgo to unite, strengthen and support each other

  2. Organization of Hidalguense events with the purpose of promoting the culture, arts, crafts, folklore, and gastronomy of Hidalgo as well as touristic locations in the State of Hidalgo.

  3. Promote and educate the youth on the culture of Hidalgo

  4. Assessment on the programs of the Mexican Consulate

  5. Scholarships to students from Hidalgo that are living in the United States


Special Events


  • Copa Hidalgo

  • Fiesta Hidalguense y Muestra Gastronomica

Board of Directors



Rogelio Vázquez


Vice President

Ricardo Mendoza



Arely Mendoza


Projects Secretary

René Peralta


Project Sub-Secretary

Claudia Hernández


Sports Secretary

Juan Pablo Amador


Sports Sub-Secretary

Panfilo Ortiz 


Events Secretary

Celia Mendoza



Pilar Mendoza



Gerardo González

Carlos López

Margarita Ortiz


Rogelio Vazquez 

Phone: 562.334.7996

Fax: 562.928.1863



Areli Mendoza

Fax: 562.450.6589



8050 E Florence Ave.

Suite 34 

Downey, CA 90240


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