Immigrants Are Los Angeles (IRLA)

The Immigrant Integration Task Force (IITF) consists of more than 70 immigrant rights and services organizations that have played a key role in supporting immigrant communities and ensuring they have equitable access to resources, opportunities, and protections. Learn more about the coalition, their goals, and ways that you can support their efforts by visiting their website.

COFEM is proud to be a part of the Immigrants are LA steering committee!



Why is IRLA Important?

"Immigrants are LA. Thirty-five percent (35%) of L.A. County’s population are immigrants. Eighty percent (80%) have been in the county for longer than 10 years, and 75% are people of color. The immigrant community in the Los Angeles metro area is a significant consumer base that spends over $108.6 billion per year and contributes over $38 billion in state, local, and federal taxes. The County is home to over a million undocumented immigrants; over half the county’s immigration population is Latinx; 15% of the immigrant population identify as AAPI, and 8% identify as Black.


As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on the immigrant community, local elected officials must step up and serve immigrants who, due to their immigration status, language barriers, or other socio-economic obstacles, have been excluded from federal or state relief programs. Many immigrants cannot access certain federal relief benefits in the CARES Act and parts of the American Rescue Plan because of their status." (