The objectives of The Federation of Jalisco of Northern California are to:


1) Implement activities that encourage the participation, integration, and 

    commitment of members of the Federation and its Clubs

2) Guide the Clubs in obtaining support

3) build the capacity of Clubs and members of the Federation

4) Validate the projects presented by the Clubs of the Federation.


To meet these objectives, the Federation offers workshops throughout the year. In addition, the Federation promotes and preserves the culture of Jalisco through educational and cultural events.


Member Benefits
  1. Support Clubs to ensure that they organize and grow stronger

  2. Technical support for 3x1 projects in their hometowns

  3. Assessment on the programs of the Mexican Consulate

  4. Promote and educate the public on the culture of Jalisco


Special Events


  • Miss Jalisco Pageant

  • Charreada Jalisco

  • Copa Jalisco

  • Dinner Reception for Representatives from COVAM

  • Jalisco's Gala Dinner

Board of Directors



Rosario Oliva 

Board Member

Fernando Fonseca 


Fernando Fonseca

Phone: 800.240.0830

Cell Phone: 408.376.3696