FECADEMIN continues to work with a bi-national scope, primarily to support its clubs in the 3-to-1 matching program. Recently, two eco-tourism projects have been completed in the municipality of Jiquilpan. Similarly, FECADEMIN continues to support the municipality of Cheran, who undertook a heroic struggle for self defense against loggers, and organized crime. Therefore, sending a message to Mexico and the world which communicates that with unity the impossible can be achieved.


In addition, various other projects have been carried out in different municipalities of Michoacán, such as pavements, drainage, providing drinking water, and the reconstruction of schools. Within the organizational framework of the Secretariat of Migrants from Michoacán, which is unique in its class, the advisory board is known for allowing members of FECADEMIN to have space, which is very important given the importance of being able to directly impact all levels of the state government in Michoacán and provides direct benefits to all members of FECADEMIN.


In the United States, FECADEMIN continues supporting rallies for the Immigration Reform, the Mexican voter registration card in the U.S., and membership is also actively involved in the foreign voting process at the state and federal level.  


Board of Directors



Joaquin Novoa

General Secretary

Francisco Moreno



Luis Escalera

Member Benefits

FECADEMIN provides assistance with the implementation of projects or the creation of clubs from different regions in Michoacan. FECADEMIN can provide introductory information on what Mexican federations/organizations in the U.S. do and how one can take best advantage of the programs offered for migrants by the Mexican government. Similarly, FECADEMIN invites dance groups and regional music groups from Michoacan to participate in Federation events.


Special Events


  • Festival del Fuego Nuevo

  • Festival Purepecha Michoacan

  • Kermes de la Primavera

Francisco Moreno

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