The Federation of Nayarit in the United States focuses their work on projects that are unique to migrants from various regions in Nayarit. The Federation also works on productive projects and 3-to-1 projects.  As part of their 3-to-1 projects, the Federation of Nayarit works closely with SEDESOL, the Secretary for Social Development, which helps fellow Nayaritans create small businesses and provides them with the necessary tools to eventually become independent businesses.


Examples of their 3-to-1 projects include: the creation of 2 community centers in the southern and northern regions of Nayarit; the annual toy drive for indigenous children from the Nayarit Sierra; and touristic, economic and structural projects.  They also provide scholarships and legal assistance in the US. Through their work, the Federation connects and advises Nayaritans and provides them with support to overcome challenges thus, allowing them to better adjust to life in the United States.


The Federation of Nayaritans has grown greatly in the last year. It has expanded its membership both locally and across different states such as: Vegas NV, Reno, Utah, Salt Lake, Carson NV, Norte de California, Riverside CA, Jacksonville Florida, y Arizona.


Member Benefits
  1. FENAY helps connect HTAs from different regions in Nayarit to support each other as they reach common goals.


Special Events


  • Nayarit Presents: Regional Festival Mexico

  • The Nayarit Fair

Board of Directors



Carlos Gonzalez


Vice President

Juan Manuel Lopez


Nancy Ponce



Javier Delgado

Ana Alicia Cruz



Alicia Carrillo


Project Director

Vicente Huerta


Sub-Project Director

Raul Brito



Carlos I. Gonzalez

Phone: 619.474.7179