Unión de Poblanos en el Exterior is dedicated to the improvement of Poblano communities in the US and in Puebla. In Puebla, their work is focused on productive projects that positively impact the lives of Poblanos. Their trajectory includes projects such as the construction of wells, the improvement and enlargements of medical clinics, and the construction of soccer fields.


Recently, they have taken two ambulances to San Juan Atenco and San Geronimo Aljojuca, Puebla. In the US, the Federation focuses their work on health and education.  It helps bring programs to their members in order to inform them of the most recent issues around the areas of focus and provide them with opportunities to become engaged and make a difference in Puebla’s communities.


Member Benefits
  1. Legal access and legalization of autos

  2. Processing of birth, marriage and death certificates

  3. Assistance in transferring bodies

  4. Assistance with lost family member searches

  5. Assistance in the translation of documents

  6. Productive projects

  7. Serve as a liason to municipal U.S. government agencies


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