Fraternidad Sinaloense de California (FSC) is a non-profit organization that focuses on three-to-one projects that lead to the development of communities in Sinaloa, as well as Sinaloense communities in the United States. The projects lead by FSC focus on education, sports, and various social causes.


In the area of education, FSC works continuously to promote educational activities. FSC counts with a scholarship program to assist students in Sinaloa and California. FSC also works towards various social causes bringing vital services to the Sinaloense communities.  For example, since there is a great need for care and services for the elderly, FSC has worked in the infrastructure of nursing homes.


In addition, they have also worked in the development of sports fields in order to encourage youth to engage in healthy habits and stay away from drugs and gangs. Through these projects FSC seeks to promote consciousness, leadership, and community organizing in order to ensure the advancement of the community.


Member Benefits
  1. Networking Opportunities

  2. Educational Programs

  3. Community Organizing

  4. Assistance to the Community

  5. Legal assistance for members

  6. Cultural Information


Board of Directors



José Angel Barajas


Vice President

Ildefonso Gastelum



Patricia Gomez



Herendia Gastelum



Heréndida Gastelum

Education Director

Rosa Higuera

Project Director

Imelda Beltran

Public Relations

Karla Anaya

Representative in Sinaloa, Mx.

Gilberto Jimenez

Representative in San Diego

Oscar Valdez

Representative in Brownsville, Tx.

Manuel Gutierrez

Representative in Norther CA

Nelly Paredes Walsborn


Jose Angel Barajas

Phone: 213.434.6679

Imelda Beltran

Phone: 626.715.7416



329 Rowan Ave

Los Angeles CA 90063