Strategic Plan

Strengthen and expand the capacity, reach, and presence of member organizations.


  • Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan that will ensure the financial stability of the organization.

  • Work to identify and develop subgranting opportunities to expand the ability of member organizations to engage in COFEM’s work and implement local initiatives.

  • Develop a leadership institute to train member organization leaders and other community leaders on key policy issues affecting immigrant communities; connect them to resources to help mobilize their members and local communities; provide focused trainings on civic engagement, non-profit management and communications.

  • Develop a membership recruitment and engagement training for COFEM member organizations.

  • Create greater opportunities for members to be part of COFEM’s work.

  • Assist with creation and incubation of new Hometown Associations and Clubs.


Promote the incorporation and participation of immigrants in all facets of social, political, and economic life in the Unites States through advocacy and civic engagement.


  • Advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that provides a path to citizenship.

  • Support implementation of Executive Deferred Action (DACA, DAPA) programs.

  • Advocate for state and local policies and programs that increase access and services for immigrants.

  • Conduct voter registration and voter mobilization programs that will increase voter participation in our immigrant communities and among our membership.

  • Develop multi-sector (public/private) partnerships to increase access and education on critical quality of life issues and services affecting immigrant communities.


Empower members and immigrant families to advocate and impact policy issues that affect the pursuit of the American dream.


  • Continue the Civic Promoters grassroots leadership program to create more local immigrant leaders and advocates.


Promote, display and educate the public on the rich social and cultural life of Mexico and its diverse states.


  • Continue to coordinate and host an annual expo and support other culturally relevant events.

  • Identify other opportunities for binational collaboration on cultural expositions and events.

  • Communicate the work of COFEM to members and the public at large through a variety of media platforms and strategies.

  • Build a community and membership contact database that will facilitate regular and rapid communication to inform and engage COFEM member organizations, partners and the community.

  • Develop an annual marketing plan to move forward COFEM’s mission and programs by leveraging various media technologies and strategies.

  • Prepare a communications tool kit to help member organizations and COFEM staff communicate the work of COFEM more effectively and with greater consistency.

  • Conduct annual media training for COFEM staff and member organization leadership.

  • Develop a newsletter and expanded social media efforts to better inform members.

  • Develop a plan to redesign www. to make it easy to use and accessible on mobile devices.

  • Develop partnerships with Spanish language media to help promote civic participation and immigrant initiatives (e.g. DACA, Citizenship, and Education) that are important to Latino immigrant communities.

  • Promote greater opportunities for member organizations to engage with their hometown or state.

  • Host roundtable discussions to identify best practices and barriers to binational collaboration between member organizations and home country.

  • Produce a best practices toolkit on engaging your home country or state for member organizations.

  • Advocate for binational collaboration programs that allow immigrants to stay connected and contribute to their home countries.


Reporting on successes


  • Measuring our progress and successes is very important as we embark on the next five years of our journey.

  • For every program and initiative that we implement in support of our goals and objectives we will establish clear benchmarks to track our progress.

  • In order to keep our members and the public informed about the state of the organization and our achievements as well as promote accountability and transparency an Annual Report will be created.

  • The report will summarize and evaluate our progress in achieving the goals and objectives we have set out to achieve as an organization.