Water Quality

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COFEM is working in collaboration with LADWP to inform the community about the health, environmental, and financial benefits of drinking L.A.’s high-quality tap water. We are also informing them of the free resources the department provides. COFEM believes everyone should have access to clean, safe, affordable, high-quality water regardless of socioeconomic status. With the assistance of COFEM’s Civic Promoters, we conduct in-person and virtual outreach to reach our targeted populations. COFEM’s Field Organizer, Janelle Vidal, also makes frequent visits to the Mexican Consulate of Los Angeles to conduct outreach and collect water quality surveys to better address any concerns community members may have over the quality of their tap water.  Our overall goal is to engage with our community members and inform them of the benefits of drinking tap water, voice their concerns to LADWP, and provide them with resources that will help them enjoy L.A.’s high-quality tap water.  


LADWP is the largest municipal water and power utility in the nation and works to deliver safe and reliable water and electricity to millions of Angelenos. The department values the health of its customers, which is why they prioritize water quality. Its mission is to deliver safe, reliable, high-quality water in an efficient and responsible manner.


Say yes to tap water and say yes to a better environment! 

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Contact our Field Organizer to learn more about our water quality campaign!


Janelle Vidal

Field Organizer


Direct: (213)379-2910