La Federación Alianza de Clubes Yucatecos USA is a non-profit organization that is autonomous and respected within the Yucateco community, and it was created to promote and preserve the Mayan culture. The Federation is made up mostly of people of Mayan descent who are all very committed. Their main objective is to ensure that the Mayan heritage, full with rich traditions and customs, is passed on to future generations, like the Mayans passes their knowledge of mathematics to present generations.


La Federacion Alianza de Clubes Yucatecos USA is engaged in cultural, social, and political activities; in order to establish an active community ready, and willing to engage in any necessary work for the betterment of the community. It is the purpose of the organization to maintain a continuous dialogue between the Federation and other organizations, clubs, and associations in Los Angeles and the United States to ensure the preservation of the Yucateco community. One of their current productive projects in Huhí, Yucatan is their Swine Farm, where they will be working on the breeding of calves to meet the needs of meat consumption in the area.


The federation is also working on new projects in the city of Merida, Yucatan, one of them is known as: California Events which focuses on the pacification of social events. Additionally, in Motul Yucatan; Lavanderías Peniche a project part of the 1X1 program was created. This project was created in collaboration and coordination with SEDESOL. The mention projects have give work to more than 20 people allowing the social economic prosperity of the people in Yucatan.


Member Benefits
  1. Assist clubs with their productive projects in Yucatan

  2. Offer one-on-one loans, which increase the economy and creates jobs for members and their families in Yucatan


Special Events


  • Yucateco Day

  • Rodeo

  • Yucatan Week Expo

Board of Directors



Miguel Rodríguez


Vice President

Eduardo Moreno Candila



Lizbeth Carolina Moreno


Secretary of Culture

Dr. Gabriela Arroyo


Secretary of Events

Lic. Rafael Moguel


Secretary of Public Relations

Lic. Flor Carmona



Manuel Reyes


Representative in Mexico

Ing. Erika Moreno


Coordinator in Mexico

Ing. Henry Cabrera

Miguel Rodriguez

Phone US: 562.281.2554

Phone MX: 999 1 784 860




Alianza Yucateca





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