The overall focus of our Conservation Program is to help diversify the outdoors by engaging our community members to advocate for the protection of public lands and increasing the educational and recreational opportunities for  Latinx community members, primarily in the Eastern Coachella Valley.

COFEM’s Conservation Workshop Series 

The series is divided into four workshops to provide participants with a general overview of current relevant conservation issues, public lands advocacy, local flora and fauna, local conservation land, and introduction to a potential career, internship, or volunteer opportunities with partner organizations. Our first series was in the summer of 2021 and attended by a multigenerational group of community members. The workshops were conducted in Spanish in a hybrid class model to allow social distancing. Our 2022 cohort will take place in the Spring and Fall, in both English and Spanish. Contact us for more information. 


Recreational Opportunities 

  • Camping trips 

  • Guided hikes 

  • Self-discovery nature exploration of natural areas


Latino Conservation Week Activities

  • Educational opportunities for youth and adults 

  • Guided Interpretative Bilingual Hike


California Natural Resource Agency (CNRA) 30x30 Campaign

Our staff engaged community members to participate in the public comment period of the regional and topical workshops conducted by CNRA by providing technical and educational assistance.

Contact Information 

Vanessa Moreno


Office Cell: (760)464-8015


Sendy Barrows


Office Cell: (760)984-2724