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The Federations



The Anahuak Youth Sports Association was founded in 1994 in Northeast Los Angeles and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2000 after it attained affiliation with CalSouth, an affiliate of the U.S. Soccer Federation. The organization currently offers a structured soccer league for 2,000 girls and boys ages 5 to 17 at several parks and schools in Los Angeles. Parents, volunteers, and coaches oversee practices and games. In addition, qualified volunteers offer the players tutoring once a week.


Anahuak’s mission is to inspire youth to continue their education through scholarship fundraisers and college visits. The organization was created to serve as an alternative to drugs, gangs, and crime. The organization uses soccer as a hook to keep children off of the streets and help children whose families can’t afford to pay for league fees and equipment.  


Lastly, Anahuak serves as a leader in mobilizing its members, particularly around environmental and health issues that affect the community.

Federación de Clubes de Colima

The “Federación de Clubes de Colima” has worked continuously on projects that benefit Colimenses (people from the Mexican state of Colima) in both the United States and in Colima, Mexico. The U.S. Federation focuses on education, health, and civic participation. Through these focus areas, the Federation informs its members and motivates them to get involved in the community to ensure changes that positively impact Latinos.


In Colima, the Federation promotes the development of social and entrepreneurial projects through the 3x1 program, a Mexican grant scheme whereby the municipal, state, and federal governments match by 3 to 1 the funds migrant clubs send to their hometowns. The Federation has built rehabilitation homes for handicapped people, fields for multiple uses, hydraulic projects, sports fields, and added pavements for streets among other projects.  As a result of their ongoing commitment, the Federation and the Colima State Government installed Casa Colima in the City of Lynwood, CA.

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Federación Duranguense USA

The “Federación Duranguense USA” was legally established 8 years ago. It is a non-profit organization that aims to support Duranguenses (people from the Mexican state of Durango). The Federation helps bring Duranguenses closer to their home communities and allows them the opportunity to work with the Mexican government’s social programs such as the 3x1 program, a Mexican grant scheme whereby the municipal, state, and federal governments match by 3 to 1 the funds migrant clubs send to their hometowns. 


The federation also offers informational workshops for young entrepreneurs in business. In these workshops, members are informed that they have the opportunity to enroll in classes at the Casa Durango Community Plaza. The plaza offers many classes that cover literacy, grade school, middle-school, English, computer science, mathematics, and general education development via the internet through the Secretary of Public Education (SEP). Similarly, the Federation promotes sports and cultural events such as the “charreadas,” which is a competitive event similar to a rodeo.


Every year the Federation celebrates Miss Durango USA and it has also established a school of “charreria” for children so that they can continue with the Mexican tradition. The Federation has also received recognition for their hard work and numerous improvements in several towns.

Federación de Guanajuatenses

The “Federación de Guanajuatenses” has a variety of ongoing projects throughout the Mexican state of Guanajuato. Clubs and organizations belonging to the Federation participate in productive community projects, some still in the planning and development stage, while others are already implemented at different levels across the state.


The goal is to improve infrastructure, education, community, business, and health via the 3x1 program, a Mexican grant scheme whereby the municipal, state, and federal governments match by 3 to 1 the funds migrant clubs send to their hometowns. In the United States, the Federation creates bridges of communication and understanding amongst elected officials of both the United States and the state of Guanajuato. This work is done with the objective of creating community and enhancing binational ties.


Federación de Hidalguenses en California

The “Federación de Hidalguenses en California” started with its first club in 2004. Since its beginning, the Federation was registered before the state and federal government in the United States. In a like manner, the 501(c)(3) registration was also processed.


The federation has been working for a total of seventeen years with the sole objective of helping its people and communities of origin. The Federation proudly promotes the culture, education, tourism, and civility of the state of Hidalgo. Additionally, the Federation also participates in the family reunification program, a program by which older adults reunite with their children after more than ten years of not being able to see each other.


The services offered include: assistance with the repatriation of the deceased, processing official documents such as birth certificates, apostoling of the same, and the processing of humanitarian visas. The Federation also participates in cultural fairs with folkloric ballet, handicrafts, traditional food, the East Los Angeles Independence Day Parade, and the yearly creation of the Day of the Dead altar in Lynwood, CA.

Federación de Clubes y Asociaciones de Michoacanos

The “Federación de Clubes y Asociaciones de Michoacanos (FECADEMIN)” continues to work with a bi-national scope, primarily to support its clubs in the 3x1 program, a Mexican grant scheme whereby the municipal, state, and federal governments match by 3 to 1 the funds migrant clubs send to their hometowns. Recently, two ecotourism projects have been completed in the municipality of Jiquilpan. Similarly, the Federation continues to support the municipality of Cheran, who undertook a heroic struggle for self defense against organized crime and sending a message to Mexico and the world that with unity the impossible can be achieved.


In addition, various other projects have been carried out in different municipalities of Michoacán, such as new pavements, drainage, providing drinking water, and the reconstruction of schools. Within the organizational framework of the Secretariat of Migrants from Michoacán, which is unique in its class, the advisory board is known for allowing members of FECADEMIN to have influence. This is very important given the importance of being able to directly impact all levels of the state government in Michoacán and because it provides direct benefits to all members of FECADEMIN.


In the United States, FECADEMIN continues supporting rallies for immigration reform, the Mexican voter registration card in the U.S., and membership is also actively involved in the foreign voting process at the state and federal level. 


Federación de Nayaritas en Estados Unidos

The “Federación de Nayaritas en Estados Unidos” focuses on projects that are unique to migrants from various regions in Nayarit. The Federation also works on productive and 3x1 projects, a Mexican grant scheme whereby the municipal, state, and federal governments match by 3 to 1 the funds migrant clubs send to their hometowns. 


As part of the 3x1 projects, the Federation works closely with the Mexican Secretary of Social Development (SEDESOL), which helps fellow Nayaritas (people from the Mexican state of Nayarit) create small businesses and provides them with the necessary tools to eventually become independent businesses.


Examples of the 3x1 projects include: the creation of two community centers in the southern and northern regions of Nayarit, the annual toy drive for indigenous children from the Nayarit countryside, and touristic, economic, and structural projects. The Federation also provides scholarships and legal assistance in the U.S. Through its work, the Federation connects and advises Nayaritas and provides them with support to overcome challenges that will allow them to better adjust to life in the United States.


The Federation of Nayaritans has grown greatly in the last year. It has expanded its membership both locally and across different places such as Nevada, Utah, Florida, Riverside and Northern California.

Organización Regional de Oaxaca

The “Organización Regional de Oaxaca (ORO)” was founded in Los Angeles in 1988 by Oaxacan migrants residing in California. The purpose of the organization is to promote and preserve Oaxacan culture, the art of each region of Oaxaca, and the varied gastronomy.


Currently, ORO has approximately twelve communities and folk groups affiliated with the organization and every community has thirty to forty members. ORO works with different organizations in the city such as the Los Angeles Police Department to support communities from other countries residing in LA. ORO also works with the youth in its communities and provides scholarships to outstanding students from Oaxaca in high school, college, and universities.


Fraternidad Sinaloense de California (FSC)

The “Fraternidad Sinaloense de California (FSC)” is a non-profit organization that focuses on 3x1 projects, a Mexican grant scheme whereby the municipal, state, and federal governments match by 3 to 1 the funds migrant clubs send to their hometowns. These projects lead to the development of communities in Sinaloa as well as Sinaloense (people form the Mexican state of Sinaloa) communities in the United States. The projects led by FSC focus on education, sports, and various social causes.


In the area of education, FSC works continuously to promote educational activities. FSC has a scholarship program to assist students in Sinaloa and California. FSC also works towards various social causes bringing vital services to Sinaloan communities.  For example, since there is a great need for care and services for the elderly, FSC has worked in the infrastructure of nursing homes.


In addition, they have also worked in the development of sports fields in order to encourage youth to engage in healthy habits and stay away from drugs and gangs. Through these projects, FSC seeks to promote consciousness leadership and community organizing in order to ensure the advancement of the community.

Federación de Sonora USA

The “Federación de Sonora USA” focuses on providing educational and leadership programs with the purpose of advancing the Sonorense (people from the Mexican state of Sonora) community that lives in the United States. The Federation remains very active and carries out community activities throughout the year bringing together a large number of Sonorenses. Among its achievements are the offerings of workshops to its members to inform them of recent issues that impact the community. Likewise the Federation offers English, computer, and binational economic development classes among other things.


Mujeres Unidas Sirviendo Activamente (MUSA)

Mujeres Unidas Sirviendo Activamente  (MUSA) strives towards the goal of empowering, motivating, and encouraging women to bring about productive, meaningful, and responsible civic, educational, and cultural engagement.


One of our objectives is to motivate women to identify their personal values and apply their skills to increase their involvement in their children's education, along with their professional and personal development. For example, "Despierta Mujer" is an annual conference that addresses issues of health, education, and social services. The main goal is to encourage women to seek personal development and to achieve greater participation in the welfare of themselves and their families.

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